The first historical mention concerning the patriciate (local nobility) of Ronco sopra Ascona dates back to 1641, year in which this municipality became politically independent. It was, in fact, in this year that the patrician families started drawing up the minutes of assemblies and compiling a book of regulations, all documents that are still preserved today in the Patrician Archive. Called “Antica Vicinanza” at the time and created so as to administer and exploit common property, the book included only those families originating from that area and who had lived in Ronco from time immemorial. It became an autonomous body only after the Napoleonic era and in coincidence with the birth of political municipalities. Today, the body meets twice a year in an assembly and deals with maintaining and managing its property, such as woods and high altitude pasturelands that represent about one third of the total surface of the municipal territory.

The Patricial House

The Patricial House in a painting by Richard Seewald

The Patricial House overlooks the small Semitori Square, near the Church of Saint Martin and occupies the upper floor of a building whose ground floor belongs to the parish church. It consissts in a small hall where the patriciate holds its meetings and as an archive. Upon motivated request, the room is available for public use to groups, bodies, associations etc.

Presidential Office

Patrizio Verzeroli (President)
Christian Zucconi (Vice President)
Stefania Casellini (Secretary ad Interim) 
Michel Poroli-Bastone
Manuel Bettè
Orazio Lorini

Patrician Families

Beltramelli, Betté, Ciseri, Lamberti, Lorini, Materni, Poroli-Bastone, Poroli-Chidini, Poroli-Inselmo, Spigaglia, Zucconi.

Forest Hut

The patriciate also owns a forest hut, located on the beautiful Monti di Ronco, which may be rented for meetings, recreational activities and overnight stays. In fact, the hut has 8 beds, a kitchen and bathrooms.

For information and prices please contact:

Michel Poroli-Bastone +41 (0)76 245 98 84
Manuel Betté +41 (0)78 837 11 71




Patriziato di Ronco sopra Ascona
Piazza dei Semitori
Casella postale 1
CH-6622 Ronco s/Ascona

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